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Inspired by the Greek sun & summer and driven by our long experience in the fashion industry, we have created KIVOS, a brand that appeals to the modern woman who wants to feel comfortable with her appearance and at the same time feminine!

The cube represents the final state of an immobile cycle – symbolically i.e., as the absolute solid geometrical shape, it quadrates the circle. On the other hand, its allegorical sense in philosophy complies with the term of Truth, as it’s considered the same, but also with the term of perfection, completion, stability, static completeness or flawless law. Basically, it functions as a source of inspiration for the ultimate symmetry, a known feature after all of the early Greek culture and knowledge.

Begin your summer adventures to the Greek islands and impress everyone with the ethereal minimal lines of KIVOS, that not only follow fashion trends, but they also create new ones! Our collection uses silk, cotton and linen – painted in intense and neutral colors.

Thus, KIVOS loves the female spirit and uniqueness, brought to life by natural raw materials.


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